Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Kendra said...

As a horse lover myself and owner of horses, I am quite passionate about the treatment of horses. I understand that the ethical care of horses is important and up until four years ago, I was against the slaughter of horses. Amazingly enough it took the acts of a sixteen-year old girl doing some research in our area and giving a speech to local people for them to see the effects of not having a place for animals was doing to them. In her speech, she outlined the drastic raise of horse abuse accounts in our county. In that same month, three police reports were filed for horse abuse. While these owners, should not have owned horses. They had nowhere to go and get help. As a result of the ban on horse slaughter in the United States, horse prices and the market for good, broke horses had gone down dramatically. The horses they had were broke but they were not able to sell them for a price warranted. They sat at their home with no feed. Rescue places in our area were at a full capacity. These horses were not horses that would have gone to a slaughter place, they were victims of the ban on horse slaughter. Even though, horse slaughter was banned in the United States for a period of time the same amount of horses were shipped to Mexico and Canada to similar facilities. These horses travelled up to 1500 miles or more to get to these locations. However, now that the ban has been lifted horses that have been neglected and abused will be able to find some comfort. Horse prices and our equine economy will raise. While the responsible thing for owners would be to euthanize a horse if they are in such bad shape, with our economy the way it is the euthanasia and disposal of a horse is costly. Our responsibility should be of our human race first and then of horses. As magnificent of a creature as they are. People should be allowed to put food on their table with the money that the opening of horse slaughter allows. While, I am not a proponent of eating horse meat, I am a proponent of allowing horse slaughter facilities to continue to operate.