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Horses Will Finally Get Their Voice!

Long Awaited Film, “Saving America’s Horses” to Launch in March

February 16, 2011 - Steve Long

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – America is days away from the long awaited March premier of Saving America’s Horses, A Nation Betrayed  in Los Angeles. The movie is by educator and documentary filmmaker Katia Louise, and Humanion Films, a project of Wild for Life Foundation.
“The film is geared to pique the interest of a wide demographic, across multiple cultures and continents,  so we are anticipating that it will run for quite some time and hopefully mark the end of an inhumane era for America’s horses and perhaps the beginning in a shift in cultural values,” she toldHorseback Magazine.
Louise has produced, directed and anchored over a dozen investigative audio documentaries with an international audience spanning over 100 countries. Her work in cinema includes the documentary films “Spirit Brothers”,  about the endangered wolves of Northern America, “A Day in Tribute” and “Celebration of Life.”
 Savng America’s Horses, A Nation Betrayed has been accepted into several film festivals.
“Our production team has a selection process with factors to consider like programming and budgets,” she said. “The first festival screening is scheduled through the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival which takes place March 25th – 31st this year.”
 Making a film about horses fulfills a childhood passion.
“Horses have been a part of my life since I was a young girl and I love them,” Louise said. “
That passion turned into action when she learned of horse slaughter for human consumption.
“For me, the minute I found out what was happening to them, that’s all it took and the more I learned the more I wanted to help them,” she said.
Leaders of the large equine advocacy movement have embraced the film and its producer from the beginning.
“There has been an enormous amount of support from the horse advocates,” she said. “They are the people who primarily care about the horses and they want to insure the humane treatment and welfare of both wild equines and domestic breeds.”
Louise says she has attempted to present the issue of both the horse processing industry and the controversial wild horse issue without bias
“We are presenting both sides of the issue through the film and we have extended an invitation to both sides in order to present the differing viewpoints as best possible.”
Thus far, while the film decidedly will have a pro-horse slant, “So far we have not had any push back from the “other side.”
The producer predicts a dismal future for the North American Mustang.
“The film presents a focus on the slaughter issue as it relates to both wild and domestic equines,” Louise says. “As far as the wild horses go, knowing what I know to be true about the BLM and their policies and activities; the days of the wild horses as we have always known them to be, wild and free in this country, are numbered at best under the current regime. That’s why the issue regarding wild horses needs to be brought to the public eye before it’s too late for the horses.”
The fill will feature only equine advocates who quietly do their work as unknowns, but can also boast appearances by outspoken celebrities that who frequently speak out for the horse. They include Michael Blake, Paul Sorvino, Linda Gray, Tippi Hedren, Ginger Kathrens, Nick Zito, Jane Velez-Mitchel, The Barbi Twins, Amy and Raelyn Nelson. Other celebrities are yet to be announced.
“Plus we have several very well recognized experts on board,” Louise said.
 The producer hopes her film will be a catalyst for making a better world for the horse.
“The ultimate goal is to inspire change by exposing the truth,” she said.

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