Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saving America's Horses

WFLF’s film label, Humanion Films is in production on a series of documentary films centering on the advancement of compassion to animals. Production began earlier this year on a feature documentary film, SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES which is in part inspired by the successful documentary audio program produced under WFLF’s radio label, WFL Endangered Stream Live.

About the Film

"Healthy vibrant horses are disappearing, never to be seen again. Find out where they are going, how they're getting there, what's really happening to them, and who's responsible.

The mission of Saving America's Horses, the film, is to inspire the apathetic and disposable mindset of today’s unassuming society into taking protective action for horses. This festival bound film follows the life stories of a few horses in a journey through time while taking a focused look into the horse slaughter business. This movie seeks to advance compassion for horses, raise awareness for their suffering, and expose the corrupt driving forces that serve to misinform the public. It's a potentially life changing film presentation that speaks to a broad demographic through inspirational anecdotes, riveting investigative reports, stunning audio/visuals and compelling solutions." - -Katia Louise

We have a compelling and riveting film in the works which promises to arouse strong public outcry in support of America’s horses. The film is attracting the attention and support of key industry names with several of the country’s most renowned and prominent horse experts on board and others still joining in.

Advisory Board members include Laura Allen, Dr. Nena Winand, John Holland, Paula Bacon, Shelley Abrams and Julie Caramante.

This feature presentation is anticipated to receive strong reviews and is moving forward quickly.

Sneak a peek at the sleek Humanion Films website, for a glimpse at production insights.

Help us out by exchanging banners :-) Visit and explore the official film website, http://www.savingamericashorses.org/. Get banners, exchange banners, subscribe to the film blog updates, and add the film at Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

Thanks for all you do for the horses,

Deb Lopez
and Associate Producer Humanion Films


Elm said...

Here is a link that will easily allow you to print, email or pdf d/l a Declaration of Equine Rights to send to your Horse Association.

Declaration of Equine Rights

If the link does not work- cut and paste this: http://practicalrider.com...&id=55&Itemid=99

For the AHA, AQHA or other Breed registry/associations to promote horse slaughter in any fashion is an utter abomination.
Imagine a Dog Breed Registry promoting the slaughter of American dogs for foreign consumption.
This follows so very quickly on the heels of the AQHA suddenly promoting horse slaughter that I sense an insidious, purposeful invasion of our Horse Associations by Pro-Slaughter groups.

Please feel free to go to this page and print, email or pdf and sign this Declaration of Equine Rights and send it to your local Horse Association or Affiliation.

This site is still in the process of being built so excuse the unfinished nature of some of it. I hadn't planned on launching it so quickly to the public- but horse stuff happens.

Elm said...

Or since Blogger does not seem to like the link - go to http://practicalrider.com/index.php and click on Equine Rights link on the top bar.