Sunday, November 16, 2008


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Dear Wild Horse Supporters,In this defining moment for America, with what we hope will be an administration favorable to wild horses, we still need to keep up the momentum to save them.

On November 17th the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board will meet in Reno and we urge you to attend this meeting if possible!
We expect the board to discuss a BLM proposal to kill some or all of the 33,000 wild horses currently in holding facilities and it would be great to have a large contingent of wild horse supporters there. The BLM board is accepting comments now through November 12th and I ask you to write on behalf of our horses.

You can submit your comments to the Advisory board c/o Ramona DeLorme.We need to make it clear to the BLM that we will not allow them to kill our wild horses. They have continued to round up horses this fall, only increasing the number of horses in holding.

There are 19.4 million acres that have been cleared of all wild horses and it is time that they are returned to their legal homes. Please join me in sending your comments to the BLM Advisory Board and, if you can, please come to the meeting in Reno. I will not be there as I will still be in Massachusetts, but will have a letter read at the meeting by my good friend and friend of wild horses, Kate Riordan. Wild Horse advocate, author and photographer Carol Walker recently witnessed the Sand Wash herd round-up in Western Colorado and returned with these disturbing photos.

One gray mare became stuck under a trailer for over fifteen minutes and horses being loaded had to climb over her. As you can see, the horses are in beautiful condition. Regardless, they lost what they most cherish… their freedom and their families. This is yet another unnecessary and poorly conducted round-up.

Please continue to contact your senators and representatives and ask them to help protect our wild horses. Click here to see Carol’s photos. The Government Accounting Office will soon be releasing their investigative report on the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program. What comes out in that report may have direct implications for the horses. One of our international wild horse supporters, Nadine, recently wrote from Germany: “I can’t imagine America without wild Mustangs, for us they are a symbol of America, they are living legends and wonderful horses. They just belong there.”

We'll continue working to convince BLM to protect rather than destroy an American treasure beloved worldwide.

Happy Trails,Ginger KathrensVolunteer Exective DirectorThe Cloud FoundationPS: Two other events for The Cloud Foundation are Equine Affaire on November 13th-16th in Massachusetts and a special evening presentation I will be making at Denver University on December 5th, click here for more details. Hope to see you at one of these events!

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